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Hey Victoria, What do you think about Arsenal…

Hey Victoria, What do you think about Arsenal trading Alexis for Miki? I don’t think Miki can 100% fill Alexis’ place in the team. Which is why didn’t Arsenal get $ as well. I’m sad Alexis had to leave. Yes, he did play poorly the first 3-4 months this season but why did he leave for Man Utd?! At least move to a team in another league, not a direct competitor. 😭😭😭

Hi anon 🙂 , well i dont really know how to feel about it. It is sad to see him gone, but at the same time i was so annoyed with all the drama. Here, every day in the news ( seriously every single day) they kept talking about Alexis and his possible transfer to [X] team, his poor performance, saying Wenger wasn’t good, the teams wasn’t good, etc. So of course i was more than upset every time i saw the news. and It is a relief that this drama is finally over. I was expecting more money tho, i never thought they would just swap players 🙁 . Now Miki … he is a good player, yes. would he fill alexis spot, no but he doesnt have to because he is a different type of player and have other skills that will help the team. I know this because he used to be a BVB player…. but then he left and  immediately cross him of my list of players, but now that he is at Arsenal .. is not bad, i may start liking him again 🙂 . I wanted Alexis to go to Spain or Italy or France, but god nooo another english team nooooo … we will have to play against him  and it’s not gonna be easy 🙁 . 

This transfer window has been so hard 🙁 … and because i have not been connected as i used too … i have to catch up and now i’m scared that next time i log in i’ll see another player gone and i dont want tose that hapenning noooo !!!! :’( 

Hi! I was wondering if you knew at what time the Arsenal team finished their training. Thank you :)

HI anon! … i’m so sorry i have no idea at what time they finish training :’( but i can help you ask other people 🙂 

So pleaseeee to Everyone who is reading this and knows, tell us! 😀 thanks in advanced

Lolo and rob holding :)


Rob: here

Tomas Rosicky

(rock and football) 

Send me a player and i’ll answer with gifs /images  


Send me a player and i’ll answer with gifs /images  

Messi, Ronaldo and Ramos

Messi and Ronaldo: 



Send me a player and i’ll answer with gifs /images  

Hi! 💕 this is a reminder that you’re an amazing person who deserves to be alive and happy.🌸✨ Be nice. Be gentle. Be thankful. Good things are coming your way. 🍀💖 Have a good day! 💫

AWWWWW thank you so muchhh!!! this is such a sweet message ❤️ the same goes to you anon! 😀 

I hear Perez number was taken from him without asking for his permission. Not surprised he wants to leave. I wish he could stay with the club.

wait WHAT?!? , is this real? , i haven’t heard anything yet (i’m still catching up on things) How can they be so rude!! urghhhhh ¬¬ , sometimes i feel like i want to slap Arsenal. How could they! they can’t simply take and change numbers as they wish, at the very least ask him!! 

Honestly i don’t blame him if he want to leave, this was highly disrespectful. I hope they can fix things, apologize to him and make him stay.